Israel unleashed a ferocious dog on a sleeping old woman

Israel unleashed a ferocious dog on a sleeping old woman

The 66-year-old woman told Al Jazeera that Israeli forces unleashed the dog on her for refusing to vacate her house. Rabat - A disturbing leaked video came to light on Tuesday showing an Israeli police dog brutally attacking an elderly Palestinian woman inside her home during their raid of the Jabalia refugee camp several weeks ago.

The footage, which was obtained by Al Jazeera, has sparked social media fury and widespread condemnation. Captured from a camera mounted on the dog, the video showed the 66-year-old woman screaming in terror as she was viciously attacked.

The elderly woman, identified as Dawlat Al Tanani, suffered severe injuries and fractures as a result of the brutal attack. Speaking to Al Jazeera, she said that Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) unleashed the dog on her because she was resisting eviction from her home.

“I refuse to be forced out of my house, nor will I abandon my home. So the Israelis set a dog on me, which bit me while I was sleeping in my bed. It dragged me and pulled me all the way to the entrance door,” the elderly woman said. “Now I have a serious injury.

There are no hospitals or anything to treat my injury. My hand is still untreated,” she added. The incident has reinforced accusations against the IOF of perpetrating severe forms of torture and violence against civilians, contrasting sharply with its self-proclaimed status as “the most moral army in the world.”

Social media users have widely shared the video, expressing shock for the extent the IOF goes to inflict pain and suffering on Palestinians. Many activists have pointed out that such actions, including the use of police dogs against civilians, have been a longstanding practice by the Israeli forces.

“Israel/Zionist Occupiers brutality clearly has no limits…training dogs to rape and attack Palestinians. The daily massacres (are) getting (more) gruesome by the day,” said one social media user.

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