Folon Foundation has cordially distributed Eid gifts among the farmers

Folon Foundation has cordially distributed Eid gifts among the farmers

Folon Foundation, a platform formed by a folk of energetic youth, has distributed free food products touched by love to spread the joy of Eid among the helpless and financially stricken farmer families of Charfashon upazila of Bhola district, Barisal. On April 5, Friday, the project initiated by Folon Foundation named- "Farmer's Eid Happiness-2024" these Eid gifts were distributed among the underprivileged farmer families in 2 places of the said upazila (Hazariganj and Jinnagarh Union) like past years.

More than 200 farming families were tremendously excited to receive the Eid gifts. One happiness bag was provided to each farmer family. The bag contained daily essential food items (Polao rice, Semai, Onion, Potato, Sugar etc.)

This distribution program was conducted by 10 young organizers and volunteers including the founder of Folon Foundation, young entrepreneur Md. Hizbur Rahman and co-founder Md. Mehedi Hasan. After the distribution ceremony, Hizbur Rahman, the visionary of Folon Foundation, said-

"We have been engaged in several volunteer works since long. But formally we started our activities from last year as Folon Foundation. Last year, we distributed Eid gifts among 50 farmers. This year, we have been able to give Eid gifts to nearly two hundred farmer families.

Alongside this, we are conducting various activities and programs with farmers all over Bangladesh through which farmers and agriculture system can be more resilient. Folon Foundation is basically an organization of vibrant young people, which is working for agri- development. We will be able to include more farmers under our service in coming days and more youths will join Folon Foundation.

I appeal to all youths, from whatever position they are, work for the agricultural and economic prosperity of the country. Only then, we can take the country to the path of prosperity and towards realization of Smart Bangladesh through agricultural development".

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