Bringing ‘perfume’ Shironamhin

Bringing ‘perfume’ Shironamhin

The band is releasing its sixth album titled 'Perfume'. The shooting of the song with the same title of the album will start next month. And next year the party will celebrate its 25th founding anniversary on a large scale. Shironamhin is spending busy time in this regard, said p chief Zia Rahman.

The Shironamhin band officially started its journey on April 14, 1996. They have turned 25 this year. Due to the Corona epidemic, there was no opportunity to do much this year. However, they have plans for a nationwide concert on the occasion of Silver Jubilee next year. And the biggest and most amazing event will be in Dhaka. The team is going to make an expensive musical with this event in mind.

Zia Rahman said, "The house named Sabuj Pata, which has won the prestigious Arch Asia Award this year, will be shooting for the song 'Title' of our album." It is a matter of great joy for us. Although no one was allowed to shoot at the venue. We are getting this opportunity for a special reason.  The 25th anniversary concert of Shironamhin Bands contract has been  with Bandmith communication.

The current line-up of the untitled band includes lyricist, composer, bass guitarist, chelist and sarod player Zia Rahman. Kazi Ahmad Shafin on drums, sarod and flute, Diyat Khan on lead guitar, Sheikh Ishtiaq on vocals and Simon Chowdhury on keyboards. Zia Rahman said, ‘Even though the concert was closed in Corona, our songs were not closed. In the meantime,

we have released several songs online. "Perfume" is going to be the 8th song from our new album. ' The audience will see the image of a mythical story. Throughout the year we have been preparing for it. VFX will work for three months at the end of the video. It will cost a lot of money.

Brandmeath Communications is going to organize an untitled 25th anniversary concert. They have recently signed an agreement with the company. The team has promised to give details of the concert soon.

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