NSEF demands to ban exhibition of tobacco

The current ‘Smoking and Usage of Tobacco Products (Control) Act, 2005’ prohibits the advertisement of tobacco products. However, the existing law does not specifically prohibit the display of tobacco products in sales outlets. And taking this opportunity, the tobacco companies are mainly promoting their products through the exhibition of their products in the point of sales.

The National Shop Employees Federation (NSEF) demands to amend the current law. The speakers made the demand at a joint meeting of Dhaka Ahsania Mission with National Shop Employees Federation at Shyamoli on June 9. The meeting was chaired by National Shop Employees Federation’s President Rafiqul Islam and was addressed by MA Gani, office secretary of National Shop Employees Federation, MD. Mukhlesur Rahman, assistant director of health sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission and Mohammad Shariful Islam, coordinator of tobacco control project.

During the exchange of views, MA Gani, office secretary of the National Shop Employees Federation, said, "I demand the government to ban the display and retail sale of tobacco products in the sales outlets by amending the law to build a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040 as announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

" President of the National Shop Employees Federation Rafiqul Islam said there are 8 million Shop Employees in the country. As a result, all these employees cannot avoid health risks due to tobacco and tobacco products. In addition, I believe that the use of tobacco will be greatly reduced if the display of tobacco products and the sale of single stick cigarettes or bidis are stopped. And for this I am strongly demanding to make necessary amendments to the law.

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