reporter Seemanta Chanda was beaten while corresponding his news

Seemanta Chanda is a very responsible, talented and hardworking worker of He went to 32 new rural area in Kishoreganj city at 12.00 p.m for reporting news on family conflicts. There he was attacked in a clash of brothers. 

Seemanta Chanda is distance relative of those brothers. But He did not accept the relationship only for the truth and for his occupation as a journalist. He was attacked only when he went to do news today. He is being threatened with death in various ways. Besides, his mother is being talked by them about in various ways.

Also He has threated not to published by the media the incident that happened with him. Therefore, we strongly condemn the incident and demand a fair Justice for the incident that happened with Journalist Seemanta Chanda.

মন্তব্যসমূহ (০)

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