Newborn found alive under rubble four days after storm Daniel in Libya

Newborn found alive under rubble four days after storm Daniel in Libya

In what could be only described as a miracle amidst deadly devastation, a newborn baby girl was discovered alive under the rubble of a building in Libya, four days after the catastrophic onslaught of Storm Daniel. The infant was still attached to her umbilical cord, and astoundingly, managed to survive the horrific conditions she was found in.

The footage showcasing the rescue event has been widely circulated on social media, offering a glimmer of hope even as hopes dwindled to find survivors. In the viral video clip, a group of citizens and rescue teams can be seen working diligently amid the ruins, their efforts culminating in the discovery of the infant, who was found crying.

Covered in mud and surrounded by the remnants of the storm, the cries of the baby brought a sense of urgency and perhaps, a moment of awe for the rescuers on the ground. Tragically, as the video reveals, the whereabouts of the child's family remain unknown.

Despite the joyous shouts announcing the discovery of the baby, the fates of her mother and other family members hang in uncertainty, as they could not be identified among the living or the numerous victims of Storm Daniel.

Upon discovery, the newborn was carefully wrapped in a piece of cloth by the citizens who found her, who then hurried to the nearest hospital to ensure she received necessary medical attention and to ascertain the state of her health.

The devastating Storm Daniel, which ravaged Libya last Monday, has ushered in a humanitarian crisis of significant proportions. The storm has claimed tens of thousands of victims, leaving in its wake not only the dead but also a staggering number of injured and missing persons. The calamity has caused massive displacement, with many residents in eastern Libya losing their homes and livelihoods.

The city of Derna bore the brunt of the storm, with the government declaring it a disaster area, noting that approximately 25 per cent of its landmarks have been obliterated.

As rescue operations continue, teams on the ground are grappling with a shortage of resources, including a distressingly limited supply of body bags to manage the overwhelming number of casualties, which currently stands at around 11,300 bodies.

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