Tearful Eid Celebrating all over the country

The world is not good. The people of this beautiful world are not good. There are cries all over the world. Today, in the struggle for survival, they are everywhere. Corona's paw all over the world. Persecution of Muslims on the other hand. Israeli attack on Palestine. The cry of helpless people. Death procession in India next to the house. The situation in Bangladesh has improved somewhat. However, the fear is not going away. Health experts are fairly certain that a third wave of corona could strike at any time. And I don't know how many relatives have to lose even in that third wave.

In this situation, the holy Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated today. Eid prayers have to be performed according to various rules. Eid prayers have been asked to be performed in the mosque following hygiene rules. It has been advised not to shake hands or hug each other at the end of prayers.

The middle-class, low-income people are in trouble as offices, courts, factories, businesses and public transport are closed due to corona. Eid has come as a grief, especially for families in financial and food crisis. However, relief and Eid gift items have been distributed by rich people of the country, various organizations and the government on private initiative. But that was inadequate.

Due to the slowdown in trade and commerce, the distribution of relief clothes was less this time. Although the political leaders celebrated Eid with the leaders and activists of the area, most of the leaders did not go to the village this time. The Eid of joy has come at the time of sad situation . Uncertainty everywhere. Yet people in hope. This situation will be cut short. People are praying. Maybe the night will pass, this light will be illuminated in the morning.

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