The debut of the Liberal Islamic Alliance

The debut of the Liberal Islamic Alliance

Liberal Islamic alliance (LIA) organized a press conference on the occasion of the debut and official announcement of the liberal Islamic alliance (LIA) at the Abdus Salam Hall of the National Press Club at 11 am. Chairman of Liberal Islamic Alliance (LIA) and Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP) presided over the event organized on the occasion of its debut and official announcement.

Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbhandari. The program was attended by top leaders and leaders of liberal Islamic alliance (LIA), executive chairman of liberal Islamic alliance (LIA) and chairman Bangladesh Oikya Jot Michbahur Rahman Chowdhury.

Co-Chairman of Liberal Islamic Alliance (LIA) and Chairman Ashikane Auliya Oikya Parishad Bangladesh Pirzada Shah-Sufi Syed Alam Noori Al Sureshwari, Bangladesh Jan Dal (BOJD) Md Mahbubur Rahman Joy Chowdhury, farmers were also present.

Begum Farahnaz Haque Chowdhury of Sramik Party (KSP), Md Hasrat Khan Bhasani of National Awami Party Nap Bhasani and leaders and workers of different levels of their party. Ahead of the elections, a new Islamic alliance has been announced, consisting of 6 registered and unregistered political parties. The official announcement of this new alliance named 'Liberal Islamic Alliance' was made at the National Press Club of the capital on Monday (September 4).

The leaders of the new alliance called on the countrymen to stop foreign interference in unity on the day of its debut. The new coalition includes - Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP), Bangladesh Islami Oikya Jot, Ashikkeen Auliya Oikya Parishad Bangladesh, Bangladesh Jandal (BJD), Krishak Sramik Party (KSP) and National Awami Party (NAP Bhasani).

Chairman of Bangladesh Supreme Party (BSP) Dr. Chairman of Bangladesh Islami Oikyajot Michbahur Rahman Chowdhury read the written statement on behalf of this 6-party alliance under the chairmanship of Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbhandari.

Besides, Ashiqin Auliya Oikya Parishad Bangladesh Chairman Shah Sufi Syed Alam Noori Al Sureshwari, Bangladesh Jandal (BJD) Chairman Md. Mahbubur Rahman Joy Chowdhury, Chairman of Krishak Sramik Party (KSP) Farahnaz Haque Chowdhury, Chairman of National Awami Party (NAP Bhasani).

Hasrat Khan Bhasani was present. Dr. at the event. Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari was elected as the chairman of the alliance and Michabahur Rahman Chowdhury as the executive chairman and spokesperson and the other party leaders as co-chairman.

Co-chairman Farahnaz Haque Chowdhury was given the responsibility of coordinator. Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbhandari said to Sarabangla, 'Supreme Party is only registered among the 6 organizations that have been announced for this new alliance. Another organization applied for registration but did not get registration.

We have announced a new alliance. We will announce more programs in the coming days. In the press conference, 9-point demands were presented on behalf of the organization. The demands include facilitating the purchase of basic commodities, especially rice, pulses, flour, oil, onion and salt at low cost to at least 5 crore middle class and low income people; Arresting the owners of syndicated price gouging; To give due opportunity to all political parties to hold peaceful meetings; Including ensuring people's spontaneous voting rights etc.

Chairman of Bangladesh Islami Oikya Jot and Executive Chairman of Liberal Islamic Jot Michbahur Rahman Chowdhury said in a written statement, Liberal Islamic Jot thinks that the people of the country want to live in peace and comfort. The majority of the people of the country want a welfare state free from corruption.

Low cost education and treatment and justice. The countrymen do not want to see hatred, violence, conflict, conflict anymore. The people rejected the horrendous grenade attack on August 21 at the public meeting of the opposition party and the simultaneous bombing of five hundred places, arson, cutting of trees, destruction of government property.

People do not want a repeat of this. Similarly, they do not want to see looting, corruption, unpoliticism, undemocratic behavior in the name of development. He said, our alliance was not established only to participate in elections. After several years of discussion, judgment and analysis, the parties of the same standard are announcing this alliance with a far-reaching goal.

This alliance will contribute to the overall welfare of all citizens irrespective of caste and religion. This alliance will take all decisions and programs independently, and follow the path of truth and justice without favoring anyone. All the leaders and workers of this alliance will build resistance against corruption, lawlessness and injustice in the interest of the people by keeping the ethics and morals strong.

This alliance will stand against all forms of extremism, religious misinterpretation and misleading people. Above all, this alliance will be established as a pro-liberation, liberal, non-sectarian political alliance. Women's empowerment, workplace safety, stop all violence against women and children, and to protect the youth, eliminate drugs, and show zero tolerance policy against those involved in drug smuggling and drug buying and selling. Michabahur Rahman Chowdhury.

He also said that our alliance wants everyone to end the government debate during the election through dialogue and have a fair and impartial election with the participation of all parties. At the same time, our alliance strongly opposes all attempts to seize power through alternative means of elections.

In the election, our liberal Islamic alliance will give all candidates, inshallah. But we want a fair election environment. So that people can cast their votes. The chairman of the alliance was elected as the chairman of BSP. Shahzada Syed Saifuddin Ahmad Maizbhandari, Executive Chairman and Spokesperson has been appointed Chairman of Bangladesh Islami Oikyajot Michbahur Rahman Chowdhury.

The heads of the remaining four teams are co-chairman Farahnaz Haque Chowdhury. has been elected Apart from this, Michbahur Rahman Chowdhury, who will serve as the co-chairman as well as the coordinator of the alliance, said in a written statement, "Leaders of the Liberal Islamic Alliance are unitedly calling on the countrymen to stop foreign interference. We will solve our problems.

There is nothing for foreign powers to turn their noses at. He said, "The country is passing through a transitional period after the liberation war that the defeated forces and the traitors within the government created the environment to kill the father of the nation.

At this time Dr. Criticizing the statement given by more than 150 world leaders on behalf of Yunus, he said, 'Bangladesh's independent judiciary, justice for oppressed people and naked interference in internal affairs. On behalf of the oppressed, women workers have approached the courts to seek justice. They also have a right to justice. This intervention will hinder the empowerment of women.'

Michabahur Rahman said about the upcoming National Assembly elections, "Liberal Islamic Alliance wants participatory, fair and acceptable elections in the country. However, it is not a caretaker government system with alliances. All political parties call upon the Election Commission to start discussions.'

Nine points of alliance -

1. At least 5 crore middle class and low income people should be facilitated to buy basic commodities - especially rice, dal, flour, oil, onion and salt - at low cost by providing subsidies in these sectors.

2. The owners of syndicated price hike should be arrested.

Accountable market system should be implemented to take strict action against hoarders who raise prices without any reason.

3. All political parties should be given due opportunity to hold peaceful meetings. The spontaneous voting rights of the people must be ensured.

4. Failure of city corporations to eradicate/eliminate or control dengue mosquitoes should form a task force headed by the mayors of the corporations and conduct swift operations.

5. Prohibited polythene bag manufacturing companies and users should be arrested and manufacturing companies should be sealed.

6. Those spreading false propaganda against the armed forces of the country should be quickly arrested and prosecuted.

7. Further amendments should be made to the revised Cyber ​​Security Act in consultation with all concerned to stop its misuse completely.

8. List of all banned organizations, names and addresses of their leaders with pictures and activities should be made known to the countrymen.

9. Public hearing should be arranged to stop irregularities and corruption in education and health sector.

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