Kangana loves to plant trees

Today Kangana Ranaut has planted 20 types of trees in her own house, She has informed everyone about her planting of this tree through her verified Facebook page. 

Kangana writes on her Facebook page, Today I planted 20 trees, we only ask what I got, sometimes please ask what I gave back to this planet also !!!

In recent cyclone Tauktae Mumbai lost more than 70 percent of its trees and Gujrat lost more than 50 thousands trees, these trees take decades to grow, how can we loose them every year like this, who is compensating for this loss? How are we preventing our cities from becoming concrete jungles? We must ask ourselves did we ask authorities the right questions? What are we giving back to our country ?

I am requesting concerned Mumbai MYBMC and Gujrat Gujrat Turism governments to plant Neem, Pipal and bargad trees wherever trees are uprooted...

Above mentioned trees have medicinal qualities, not only they clean air nourish the soil they also emit extraordinary amount of oxygen....let’s save our cities, save our trees our planet that’s the only way to save ourselves

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