The first female bodybuilder who represents Bangladesh

The first female bodybuilder who represents Bangladesh

When you hear the "bodybuilder" word, that time usually thinks about a male gender. because, we always see that, boys participate in this kind of show. But this is the first time in Bangladesh a girl attended an international bodybuilding show.

Maksuda Mau, a girl from Chittagong, is taking part in an international competition for the first time. Even she did her Masters' in Public Health in Canada and zeroed in on bodybuilding.

She will contend in the Women's Physics class at the IHFF Olympia Amateur Bodybuilding Championships. The opposition, which began on Friday in Mumbai, India, will proceed till December 5. This year, Maksuda Mau won a gold medal in the Bangabandhu Bangladesh Games Women's Event classification. He completed second in a similar contest in 2019. 

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