Missing teenager rescued from Banapole

Missing teenager rescued from Banapole

Police have rescued a 17-year-old girl named Uwaime Marma from Benapole six days after she went missing from Lama Thana area of ​​Bandarban district. Port police rescued him from Benapole market area on Monday morning. At that time a young man named Solaiman (20) was arrested. The rescued girl is the daughter of Manching Marmar of Yangcha Bara Para village under Bandarban district Lama police station.

Detained Solaiman is the son of Abu Hashem of Durgapur village of Benapole municipal council. Benapole Port Police Officer-in-Charge Mamun Khan said a teenager named Wamaime Marma went missing from Bandarban. Later, his guardians lodged a complaint with Lama Thana.

From there pictures were sent to different police stations. He was rescued from Benapole market today after 6 long days. A young man named Solaiman, who was with him at the time, was arrested. Lama police station has been informed. A police team has left from there. Will be handed over to them.

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