Fahmida succumbed to death

Fahmida succumbed to death

After struggling with cancer for over a year, Fahmida Kamal died in a hospital in Chattogram today. "Fahmida was undergoing treatment at an ICU in a hospital in port city where she breathed her last at 7:30 am," said Md Yusuf, her paternal uncle.

With Fahmida's death, the story of a tragic love story comes to an end. There are many classical instances of love that remain immortal in history. A unique instance set by Mahmudul and Fahmida in Chattogram on March 9 may find its place in the history of love in the future. Mahmudul Hasan, 30, hailing from Chakaria upazila of Cox's Bazar, completed BBA and MBA from North South University in Dhaka while his paramour, Fahmida Kamal, 25, a resident of South Bakalia in the port city,

completed BBA and MBA from Independent University Bangladesh. The couple were first introduced to each other in 2018 and later their relationship turned into a romantic affair. They were happy ever since but the sky broke down on Mahmudul when Fahmida was diagnosed with rectum cancer in January last year. Fahmida's family first admitted her to a hospital in Dhaka and then she was taken abroad for better treatment but the doctors said the cancer had metastasised.

She was brought back to the country and was admitted to a hospital in Chattogram. With a heavy heart, Mahmudul was by her side to give her strength and courage to fight against the deadly disease. After battling against cancer for over a year, when Fahmida got exhausted, getting no hope from doctors, Mahmudul decided to live with his beloved for howmuchever days she has left to survive.

He wanted to take all responsibilities of her treatment and to take care of her on his own, in her last days. But how? Society would not accept it. So they decided to marry. At first Fahmida got startled by the proposal. So did both the families. Neither of the families agreed to the proposal but Mahmudul was firm in his decision. "When Mahmudul came to know that Fahmida's days on this earth were waning soon, he decided to marry her. At first we all became startled at this proposal but finally accepted it," said Yusuf, Fahmida's uncles.

"As Mahmudul was adamant, Fahmida too gave her consent," said Saifuddin Saki, a maternal grandfather of Fahmida, adding, "Then both the families agreed to it." "On March 9 evening, when Fahmida was undergoing treatment at a hospital, Mahmudul along with family members, came there to make the dream come true," he said.

"Fahmida got dressed up in a red sari while Mahmudul in pajama and panjabi. The couple exchanged garlands, cut cake, and the marriage was registered in the hospital. The family members and others present there were entertained with sweets, cake, and dates," he said. Despite the severe pain of disease, Fahmida looked happy for some moments at that time, said Md Yusuf, a paternal uncle of Fahmida, adding, her face and eyes seemed to be bright.

"We also forgot all our sorrows for a moment to see her happy at the time," said Yusuf, adding, "We tried our best for her treatment both at home and abroad but doctors could not give us any hope. Finally in the first week of this month, doctors advised to stop chemotherapy as they found that they were not working on her any longer." Contacted, Mahmudul at first did not want to say anything over the matter. Later he said he did everything with full consciousness.

"I love her very much. I wanted to take care of her and take all of her responsibilities. We dreamt of marrying each other and so we are happy as the dream came true. Please keep us in your prayers," he told  on Friday. Unfortunately Fahmida died two days after her wedding.

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